YSF offers Cadet Programme, Cadet Officer Programme and Officer Progress Structure to the schools and public. Academic knowledge is integrated with the recreational use of the sea, including the sport of yachting, to bring about an experiential approach to learning. Students will acquire maritime skills utilising an interdisciplinary learning framework and inculcate sound values and social responsibility.

YSF Cadet Programme
(For Secondary School Students)
Cadets are trained in subjects like pilotage, navigation (coastal and celestial), rules of the road, electricity etc to progress to the next level.

YSF Cadet Officer Programme
(For Students in Sec 5 / Polytechnic / Pre-University)
Good cadets are handpicked for the YSF Cadet Officer Course where they graduate to assist YSF Officers in the training of the cadets.

YSF Officer Progress Structure
(For Uniformed Teachers / Instructors / Volunteers / Staff)
The YSF Officer Corps is set up for yachtees and Merchant Mariners to be part of a larger corps and pass on their nautical expertise and love for yachting to the next generation.