Note from the Author

The inspiration to pen the “History of Singapore – Islands & Islanders” is to provide a hands on perspective from a seafarer who had sailed beyond the seven seas. It showcases my homeland beginning with a foundation background and brings the reader on a journey of discovery right up to the present day. It is not an attempt to inculcate self wisdom or duplicate other people’s knowledge of this little red dot but to facilitate an appreciation of Singapore’s past and how she has progressed to the present … as Today is the Future of the Past!

Whilst there may have been extensive research, what is documented is simplicity and harmonising fragmented facts using box stories to encourage self-discovery and perhaps have an opinion rather than be lead. Rarely known is the richness of Singapore’s biodiversity. The flora on our mainland (especially Botanical Gardens) is celebrated among the best and famous in the world. However, rarely seen is the marine flora and fauna that thrives beneath our waters. This is challengingly captured to enable especially Singaporeans to sight the ‘hidden’ beauty of our corals and marine life that are blessed with a kaleidoscope of richness especially at islands which are not accessible to the public.

It might be disputed that some facts may be closer to fiction with the limited archives recorded yet diverse tales told by our pioneers and residents. This is for the reader to decide as it is not about providing entertaining tales but to share and consolidate Singapore’s past whilst we navigate to the present and chart our course into the future.

Capt Frederick James Francis
Singapore Eurasian with Portuguese & Peranakan blood