Youth Skipper Flotilla (YSF) is an interdisciplinary youth yachting uniform organization that integrates curricular activities and the different curriculum subjects for secondary and pre-university students to give cadets a holistic education. This program incorporates existing pedagogical practices such as problem-based learning, experiential and interdisciplinary methods within and without the classroom.


The logo reflects the motto that YSF s to strive for excellence in the Body, Mind and Soul. The Sextant is an instrument that counts the angular distance of the stars. It is symbolic of the mind and the pursuit of knowledge.

The stars behind represent the Constellation of Hercules. In this constellation, Hercules crushed the dragon’s head even though the dragon bruised his heel. Hercules is symbolic of the strong physical body. His action of crushing the dragon’s head despite being hurt on the heel is symbolic of the soul where good triumph over evil.


To equip future generations of young skippers with the necessary knowledge and skills through experiential learning using a yacht as their classroom so that they excel in yachting, in their studies and in life.

To educate them with the right values so that they become socially responsible citizens of the world.

To empower them with positive visions and aspirations and the love of learning, so that they have the courage to engage life and to live it to their fullest potential.


YSF aspires to be the premier institute of learning to bring the sport and the love of yachting to youths first in Bendemeer Secondary School, Singapore, Asia and to the world through partnership with strategic stakeholders.


Strive for Excellence in Body, Mind and Soul.


Teamwork, servanthood, discipline, humility to learn, self confidence, focus, leadership responsibility, loyalty to country, constant refinement and continual learning.



National Education

In the area of National Education, YSF hopes to be the visible and audible representation of the maritime industry’s role in the Economic and Military Defence of Singapore.

Singapore Maritime Heritage

To protect Singapore’s maritime heritage through education and to enhance its role in the economic and social sustainability of Singapore.

Merchant Navy Men and Women

To recognize the work of the Merchant Navy Men and Women and give them a sense of purpose in what they are doing in the area of Economic and Military Defence of Singapore.

To keep the tradition of honoring the Merchant Navy Men and Women who, through war or other causes, sacrifice their lives to bring in our much-needed supplies and daily necessities.