A Tribute to Seafarers Around the World

Walk, Jog, Cycle & Swim for Our HEROES at Sea

Last year, “Heroes at Sea” was created to raise awareness about the role of the mariner, and to pay tribute to seafarers around the world. Engaging in a walk, jog, cycle and/or swim, participants were able to more than double the goal of “circumnavigating” the globe in solidarity with the mariners – and raised nearly $50,000 which was distributed to seafarer welfare centers. There was also a Tribute Concert creating greater awareness.

The challenges for seafarers remain. This year, we continue to salute our Heroes at Sea with the iconic “Walk, Jog, Cycle and Swim” to commemorate the Day of the Seafarer. The event will be run from May 25th to June 25th.

The month-long circumnavigation serves primarily as a tribute and reminder to our Heroes at Sea (seafarers) that their commitment and efforts are appreciated and not forgotten. During the period, participants and corporate supporters may post messages, photos and videos of thanks and encouragement (on the dedicated website and social media platform) to lift the spirits of seafarers around the world and let them know that they are valued.

This event is organised by World Maritime Consultancy & Services Pte LtdSHIPPINGInsight and North American Marine Environment Protection Association.


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