YSF took ownership from Maple Tree Investments, the remaining boats and artefacts which was from the former Sentosa Maritime Museum that was closed in 2001. Currently these exhibits are contained in our YSF-SNI PRIDE Centre (Comtech) where we have begun the the process of restoring, preserving, identifying and documenting them. This is temporary as we seek a permanent location to set up Singapore’s own maritime heritage museum within two years. Among the inventory is a signal mast that dates back to 1880s. All these exhibits are our national heritage that tells a story of Singapore. The work we are doing is integral to YSF main objective of honouring and preserving Singapore’s maritime heritage through education and showcasing it physically and virtually. Being a maritime port city, it is important that we carry this torch of developing the public’s interest and awareness of Singapore rich maritime past so that we can move forward to embrace the future.